Behold The Ocean

Chapter 1

The Photography Collection


Fear. That's what I felt most when thinking about getting on the ship.

The ocean is the earth's largest organism, just like the human skin is ours, and we have to surrender to it completely. My relationship to water is complex, maybe because I was severely burnt as a one-year-old. But on the other side of fear, we find the new. At this frontier of the unknown, art and science intersect.


No 01

Patagonia has the third largest ice reserves in the world.

This ecosystem is being disrupted:
Ocean acidification, global warming, retreating glaciers.

I produced Behold The Ocean in Chile in December 2020, during the global pandemic when governmental measurements severely affected environmental research, resulting in data gaps, the significance of which is yet to be determined. The project documents a scientific expedition to the Southernmost of Patagonia in globally turbulent times and my personal experience during that period.

Now, I am using the work to map our rapidly changing nature to the blockchain as an act of future-proof preservation. With the proceeds, friend and marine biologist Max Vergara and I put together and fund a scientific expedition to Cape Horn in 2022. When we return, we’ll publish the environmental data on-chain.

macrocystis pyrifera [Patagonia]

No 06

This Is Not A Portrait

No 27

Sampling Water

No 41

oceanographic sensors

No 21

mountains, mountains – emerald

No 09

mountains, mountains – purple

No 13

crowded buoy

No 02

Here, now

No 31

blue acid

No 03

Marco Pinto

No 30

Airport Punta Arenas

No 45

green cluster

No 11


No 12

depth is measured

No 07

It Is A Back And Forth

No 14


No 18

another day at sea

No 16

grey cluster

No 15


No 04

The Orb Last Night

No 36

The Orb

No 17


No 44

Empty Street in Punta Arenas

No 43

Permiso, Punta Arenas #1

No 24

Permiso, Punta Arenas #2

No 25

king penguin

No 05

king penguin by himself

No 23

point in time

No 22

sensor – first frame

No 37


No 20

water stone air

No 08

San Isidro Lighthouse – Cabo Froward

No 57

El Capitán

No 32

Wrong Way

No 47


No 46

Last Night #01

No 33

Last Night #03

No 35

Last Night #02

No 34

Last Night #04

No 58

red tide

No 10

Asterionellopsis glacialis

No 51


No 50

first encounters

No 48

More Mountains and Grain

No 42

Victor y Oscar

No 55

as above so below

No 52

Covid and Torres del Paine

No 54

Estrecho de Magallanes

No 53

A poetic visual non-fiction story about an intimate relationship with the earth’s largest organism—the oceanA poetic visual non-fiction story about an intimate relationship with the earth’s largest organism—the oceanA poetic visual non-fiction story about an intimate relationship with the earth’s largest organism—the ocean

Chapter 2


0 / 4,444 minted

4444 unique photographic ocean NFTs with rarity traits minted on a custom ERC721 smart contract. Each NFT is made of three layers with different rarity weights:

Layer I

An altered, manipulated fraction of one of the project's key photographs, taken from the Strait of Magellan in December 2020 during the scientific expedition in Patagonia where I produced Behold The Ocean.

Layer II

One of over 200 handmade individual color gradients that resemble visual and chemical uncontrollable, unique occurrences in my analog color darkroom workflow.

Layer III

An abstract artifact pattern of the real, raw oceanographic data retrieved from the part of the ocean that was photographed in Layer I.