Behold The Ocean

No 53

Estrecho de Magallanes

'Even if you love the ocean and feel sure about going to the ocean, you have to always respect what the ocean is. And the sea is extremely strong and hard, and you can die very easily if you don't take safety measures, especially regarding weather. Many people die every year, like fishermen and people who work in the agriculture industry, diving, etc... it's because we are creatures from the land, so when we get in the ocean, it's not our right state of the mother, the water, so you have to respect and learn how to read it, so then the ocean will allow you to do what you have to do, but not the opposite way.'

Maximiliano Vergara Jara during the global pandemic in Chile, December 2020


The negative of this photograph is the foundation of SOURCE, the generative photographic body of work that forms Chapter 2.
The same negative was used for 'red tide'. This version was printed as the annual patron edition for the Fotomuseum Winterthur in 2021.